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Hello friend! Thanks for stopping by ☺ Today I’m going to take a look at why I consider exercise to be part of my job. Over the course of a week I probably put in 10-15 hours of low to intense exercise in the form of walking/hiking, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and sprinting.

Hopefully once it warms up I’ll be able to add my favourite form of exercise, swimming, back into the rotation! It may sound like a lot, but I consider it an important part of what I do and where I’m trying to go, so I mark it down in my schedule as I would any other meeting or appointment.

This action helps ensure I make the time to care for my body and my mind so that I can be the very best holistic practitioner I can be. Check out some specific benefits below!

1. I owe it to you to be in the best physical and emotional health possible

If I’m going to be guiding someone’s nutrition and lifestyle choices and habits, then I owe it to them to walk the talk. I need to stay in the best possible shape, which means in addition to eating a clean, whole-foods diet 80-90% of the time I have to get off my ass and move every single day.

Staying active doesn’t mean maintaining a specific body size or weight. In fact I think weighing yourself can prevent you from seeing the other amazing health benefits you may be getting from your exercise regimen such as increased stamina, stronger muscles, a clearer head, and a generally more positive outlook on life.

Since I work at home a lot getting out of the house for a sweaty or a restorative practice, or an hour playing in the woods not only keeps my body healthy and active, but also boosts my creativity and keeps me happy, energized, and motivated to continue working my buns off building the life of my dreams.

2. Going inward helps me reach outward

An important part of being an entrepreneur and creating a wellness- and nutrition-based business is being authentic in the programs and information I offer my clients. In order for me to provide the absolute best services I have to be creating from a place of authenticity.

Physical activity in all its forms helps me clear my head and get to the very core of who I am and what I stand for. If I didn’t truly believe in the products and information I was providing then chances are my clients and audience would sense that and steer clear of what I was offering.

But since I make the time to get quiet and sometimes get uncomfortable with what’s going on inside my head and heart, I know who I am where it counts and so can continue to stay honest and present myself as authentically as possible.

3. It helps me create

Most of what I do requires me to research and create fun/relevant blog posts, delicious recipes, and personal protocols or programs that help my clients take their lives and health to the next level.

That’s a lot of pressure to deal with on a daily basis and if I don’t get out of the house to clear my head, writer’s/creativity blocks rear their ugly heads. I find walking in the woods at a brisk pace to be the best tonic to get my creative juices flowing.

Usually I start out by singing songs in my head as I navigate my way down to the river, but as I let myself zone out and my thoughts wander, magic starts happening. I’ll often write blog posts in their entirety in my head (like this one!) as I’m frolicking about.

And depending on what pressing commitments I have, I’ll come up with menu plans, workshop ideas, new recipes, sweet online programs (check out my Reset Yourself Nutrition Challenge) or problem-solve issues I’ve been having with my business.

It’s incredible what can happen when you stop focusing on trying to create or solve an issue and just let your body and mind wander and play.

4. Pushing my body physically makes it easier to push myself in business

Sometimes during my vinyasa practice I’ll find myself playing with the edge of what my body is capable of and slowly but surely pushing slightly past my comfort zone into deeper or more challenging poses that I’ve never before attempted.

Feeling your body move comfortably and confidently beyond what your previous thought was possible is exhilarating and for me translates into an ability to keep pushing outside my comfort zone in all areas of my life.

This confidence in my body and mind has translated into taking bigger risks with my career such as starting my own business, signing up for a business course, and putting myself out there body, mind, and spirit by sharing my thoughts and knowledge with the interwebs.

5. Staying fit keeps me focused and productive

Allowing myself to take breaks to care for my body means I can come back to my work with the vim and vigour necessary to create delicious recipes, write super fun blogs, and come up with sweet programs and products to help my you make the changes necessary to live their happiest, healthiest, and most exhilarating lives!

Sitting or standing at a computer all day is not necessarily conducive to productivity so taking well-timed breaks for physical activity keeps my brain purring along like a kitten. It also ensures I never get so resentful of my work that doing it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure, which is important when I’m working upwards of 12-14 hours some days.

So there you have it friend. Some of my top reasons for considering exercise a part of my job description as an entreprenerd/nutrition and lifestyle coach. If you’re struggling to take the next step in your health journey, then make sure you download my FREE Stop Self-Sabotage Workbook to help motivate and inspire you by clicking right here. Have a wonderfully whimsical day!
Cait 🙂