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Foundations of Nutrition Private Coaching

Why Choose Private Coaching?

Member of The Academy of Naturopaths & Naturotherapists of Canada. Now offering receipts for all N.B., Quebec, P.E.I, & Newfoundland Health Insurance Providers except Blue Cross & Industrial Alliance

Are you confused about all the conflicting information online & in the media about the best way to eat for health?

Are you looking for simplicity + actionable steps when it comes to learning about nutrition?

Do you want support, accountability, education, & empowerment to make the best decisions for your nutrition goals?

Are you looking for general, time-tested nutrition principles, without a fad diet in sight? 

I found Cait when I was in need of some serious support. After spending some time really exploring her website and getting an idea about her beliefs and values around treating food as medicine I realized that she was exactly what I needed. My journey included osteoarthritis, a hip replacement, surgery for severe endometriosis and then preparation for fertility treatments. She guided me through each phase of my health and food journey and taught me that above all developing a healing relationship with food started simply with someone who was willing to hear you and believe in you. That someone is Cait.

Kirsten R.

My private Foundations of Nutrition coaching sessions are designed to give you a solid understanding of nutritional concepts from which to build your best way of eating. These sessions are perfect for folks who don’t have a specific health concern or condition they want to focus on, but instead are interested in learning the basics of nutrition. From this foundation you can create the way of eating that best supports your body. 


If you’re confused about the “right” way to eat (spoiler alert: there’s no ONE way to eat that works for everyone) and trying to eat “healthy,” but not seeing any changes in your physical, mental, and digestive health then you may need some support and guidance to help you figure out where you need to adjust your diet.


Get rid of the stress surrounding HOW to eat and learn the foundational, guiding principles that will give you the freedom to choose the foods that best serve your body and your goals! 

These private Foundations of Nutrition Coaching sessions are designed to to run weekly for 4 weeks (we can always adapt based on your schedule!).

You can start anytime and there is always the option to add on extra sessions after our initial 4-week coaching package is complete. 


Cost is $100/session and is covered under all New Brunswick insurance providers except Blue Cross & Industrial Alliance if you have Naturopath/Naturotherapist coverage.

Once you’ve registered I’ll contact you with your intake form and to schedule your first appointment

Caitlin is my happy place.  I instantly picked up on her presence, passion, and vitality when we first met.  What’s special and rare about Caitlin is her ability to listen openly, non-judgmentally, and whole-heartedly.  I never felt like I had to “pretend” with Caitlin.  She truly listened and coached me in a way that made space for my health and spirit to gently and gradually experience vitality again.

Kim West

  • Understand how to eat for balanced moods and energy


  • Feel empowered to make the best decisions for your changing physical needs


  • Be confident that you’re eating the best foods for your long- & short-term nutrition goals


  • Understand the basic framework of how to to eat for long-term health


  • Understand the basics of anti-inflammatory eating

I began my journey with Caitlin in November of 2019, I wasn’t sure about doing this – with Christmas right around the corner. But after talking with Caitlin, we decided to jump in anyway. Caitlin is a complete wealth of information, and if she can’t answer you right away, she does her research and gets back to you. She is very caring and encouraging – always checking in and making suggestions. Thanks for everything Caitlin!!

Wendy Palmer

Blood Sugar Balance For Energy

  • What are “macronutrients”?


  • What is blood sugar & why should I care?


  • How to combine foods for proper energy balance


  • Balancing blood sugar for mental health


Introduction to Healthy Fats

  • Role of the RIGHT fats for optimal brain health & cellular function


  • Inflammatory vs. Anti-inflammatory Fats


  • How to swap out your oils 


  • How to best use them in your kitchen

What’s the Deal With Probiotics?

  • What are probiotics? 


  • What are prebiotics?


  • Why are they crucial for optimal gut health & immune function?


  • Where do I find them in the diet?

Basics of Anti-Inflammatory Eating

  • What foods can provoke inflammation in the body? 


  • What foods & herbs can modulate the inflammatory process?


  • Beneficial supplements for your health goals


  • Next steps & maintenance!


When you sign up for the 4-week Foundations of Nutrition Coaching, you’ll also receive a FREE 30-minute Habit Building How-To information session. I’ll share my tips and tricks for how to build long-term habits that stick.

We’ll also do a short guided visualization to help you envision your future self and what you need to do to create that vision.

Finally, I’ll share a handout that you can use to build your step-by-step habits in a sustainable way.

We can add this bonus to our first session or schedule a separate meeting to help set you up for long-term success! 

Click below to book your first session! Once you’ve registered, I’ll contact you with your intake form and to schedule your first appointment.

Caitlin has been amazing. The amount of information, recipes and cool stuff she managed to pack into my time with her was incredible and I highly recommend. She has definitely opened my eyes up to another world of food where I can still eat yummy things that are really good for my health as well.
Gemma Gosden

Each private nutrition coaching session includes: 

  • 4 weekly, 1-hour live coaching sessions via Zoom where we go over the week’s theme in detail, have an open discussion about how to incorporate the principles in your life, and answer any questions relevant to the topic. 


  • Handouts related to the week’s theme + relevant recipes 


  • Weekly Action Step Exercises to help you incorporate the lessons from our session into your life in a sustainable way 

Keeping our sessions focused on specific topics will allow us to dive deep into the information, while providing you with the support and accountability that can make all the difference in terms of sticking to your goals long-term. 

Click below to book your first session! Once you’ve registered, I’ll contact you with your intake form and to schedule your first appointment.

Caitlin was an excellent coach and I found her to be very knowledgeable in nutrition. Her feedback was very detailed, constructive, and very encouraging. Her response time and feedback to my emails and coaching call questions were always prompt and pleasant. She willingly shared extra resources, links and tips and tricks to help me with my accomplishments. Her personality and spirit as a coach really shone through! I was very appreciative of having her as a coach and mentor! 


What is the weekly time commitment for private coaching?

Each week we will have a 1-hour live coaching session plus weekly Action Steps to help take the lessons from our sessions into the real world, which take 10-30 minutes. Learning to set aside time for self-care, including cooking nourishing meals and tending to your mental & physical health is an important part of the process.

However, my process is all about building small habits one-at-a-time so that they are sustainable and easy to incorporate, so even five minutes a day can make a big difference over the long term!

How much does private Foundations of Nutrition coaching cost?

The investment for 4-weeks of group coaching is $100 per session. Investing in your physical & mental health doesn’t always show monetary returns immediately, but the benefit you will receive from feeling strong, confident, healthy, & happy in your body is worth the short time & monetary investment in the long term. 

Can I claim these sessions through my health insurance?

As a member of the Academy of Naturopaths & Naturotherpists of Canada, if you have New Brunswick, Quebec, PEI, or Newfoundland Health Insurance (excluding Blue Cross or Industrial Alliance) then I can issue receipts for the individual appointments that you can submit to your insurance company so long as you have coverage for a Naturopath or Naturotherapist. Most companies include them under one heading, so as long as you have Naturopath coverage, I can issue you a receipt.

Who is the Foundations of Nutrition Private Coaching NOT designed for?

This foundations of nutrition private coaching package isn’t a good fit for those looking to do a deep dive into specific health issues. My Wellness Planning Package would be a better fit for those with complex health concerns and who are looking for a more intensive approach. The Foundations program is perfect for people who are looking to learn about the basics of nutrition, build small sustainable habits, and become confident in their ability to make the best food choices for their lifestyle. 

This program also isn’t a good fit for those whose primary focus is weight loss. While participants may lose weight upon incorporating the dietary changes, we will not be discussing weight loss in any of the sessions nor will it be a primary (secondary, or tertiary) goal of my recommendations. We are focused on making small, but meaningful shifts to the way that we eat to promote ease and comfort around food. 

Caitlin is dedicated and well-informed on all aspects of nutrition and natural health. I look forward to each appointment at Nourished because this woman is a positive force for change!

Amanda Slinger

Click below to book your first session!! Once you’ve registered I will send you an email with your intake form and to schedule your first session!