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Hello friend! I hope you’re having a lovely week. Today I want to get real with you and share the #1 most important health tip I share in my private practice. If you’re anything like me I know that you have likely undertaken various diets, cleanses, exercise programs, or detoxes all in the hopes of losing weight and getting healthy.

I also bet that you have likely struggled to stick with it and often fall prey to self-sabotage, ending up exactly where you started a few months down the road. I bet you’re feeling frustrated and unhappy and like this healthy living thing just won’t work for you.

I’m here to tell you that you’re right. Now bear with me for a moment. I mean that there is something in the way you are approaching weight loss and health from a psychological angle that is holding you back and preventing lasting change.

When my clients come to see me they usually know exactly what works for them and what habits or foods keep them sick and unhappy. That’s not where our work typically lives. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been going through an intake and listened to my clients tell me what they need to do to get healthy. And then I ask them this question: Do you think you deserve to be healthy and happy? What follows is typically tears and the response in some iteration that no, they don’t feel worthy of these things.

Yes we work with herbs, healing foods, lifestyle interventions, and therapeutic supplementation, but none of that stuff will stick if they are still approaching their healing from this space of self-defeat: they don’t think that they deserve health and happiness or they don’t love their bodies just as they are.

When you don’t believe that you deserve health and happiness your dietary habits and lifestyle changes might work for a couple of weeks or a few months.

Then slowly, but surely, little self-sabotaging habits will start sneaking in as you let the meditation you KNOW is so beneficial for your stress levels and focus slide out the window because you’re “too busy” or you start hitting the drive thru on your way home from work because meal prepping and planning is just too hard.

Or your gym sessions, yoga classes, evening walks, painting, journaling, biking, hiking, knitting, whatever beautiful thing fills your soul gets placed in a corner to gather dust because you have more important things to focus on. 

Yes life is busy. I get that. I run my own business and fulfill all the roles: receptionist, social media strategist, web designer, coach, cooking instructor, yoga teacher, recipe developer, blogger, etc., etc., etc. But without my strict self-care regimen I would not have the energy or the desire to fulfill these roles and share myself with you on a daily basis.

And for a long time I let that stuff that fed my soul and nourished my body slide so that I could spend another hour working on another project. My productivity fell and my business wasn’t flourishing. I struggled to make enough to pay my bills every month even though I was working like a beast. And this focus on work was a symptom of something larger: the belief that I didn’t deserve rest, nourishment, love, health, and happiness.

After much work and some good ol’ faking it til I make it, (by which I mean I acted like, and treated by body as if, I loved myself, even if I didn’t quite believe it yet) I’ve arrived at a place where I can look in the mirror and see beauty and joy and feel the love I have for myself, even if I don’t fit a conventional beauty standard or I’ve got a little extra junk in my trunk.

I’ve gotten to the place where caring for my mind and my body is of utmost importance. Because if I don’t those 16 hour days hosting retreats or working on e-books and online courses won’t happen and I definitely won’t enjoy the process when they do!

I had to get to the place where I felt like I deserved this time for myself, where I deserved to wake up free of aches and pains and bloating and a face full of zits before it could stick. And luckily through trial and error I’ve figured out some steps to start shifting things in that direction for my clients, so that you can make these changes part of your lifestyle, permanently.

This exercise is one of the very first ones I give out when we’re starting at square one. Give it a shot and then come share what you come up with in my private Facebook group the Fully Nourished Community. 

Developing Self-Love Exercise

I passionately believe that in order to get and stay well, we first must love and accept our bodies just as they are. Only once we treat ourselves with the compassion often reserved for our loved ones will true healing take place. In order to begin fostering this loving relationship with our bodies, we have to appreciate where we are in this moment and everything they are doing for us to keep us alive. In honour of this I have the following simple exercise to get you started.

  • Every day until our next session sit down for five minutes somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Write down TWO things you appreciate about your body. They can be as simple as the ability to breathe or something as incredible as giving birth. It doesn’t matter what they are. And they don’t have to adhere to physical standards; it can include things such as your ability to support those around you, to give excellent hugs, or make a delicious meal.
  • Once you write them down write a sentence or two about why this ability/achievement is so special to you and possibly your loved ones.
  • Every day after you’ve written down what you appreciate about your body read through the previous days entries.
  • Take five more minutes after writing to sit with what you’ve written and read and see how it makes you feel.

Thank you for joining me today and know that this journey won’t happen overnight. The process of falling in love with yourself requires commitment, openness, time, energy, and support. Which is where I come in. Click here to join the supportive Fully Nourished Community  where we share our struggles, our successes, our fears, and all those things that make life deliciously amazing. You are not alone on this path!

Cait xo