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It’s time for me to take a leap and dedicate my time to healing. Are you ready to join me?

Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Mine has been pretty hectic, but excellent. The new season of Game of Thrones started and it’s shaping up to be the best yet. I’ve also been working some clients who are making a lot of amazing progress, which is always the best feeling! I was interviewed for the Saskatoon newspaper, the Star Phoenix (coming out April 21st!). And I’ve had some great yoga practices, including 7 hours of workshops and classes yesterday alone! Not too shabby all in all. However, what I’m going to talk about today is one of my dark and dirty secrets.

Most of you are probably aware of the fact that I have quite a sensitive tummy. Now I could look at this as a curse and shake my fist at my genetics which don’t allow me to eat things like pizza and ice cream or drink beautiful, delicious craft beers without suffering dire consequences, which I will leave to your lurid imaginations. But I don’t. Or at least I try not to for the most part. Instead of viewing my sensitivity as a curse I view it as a blessing because rather than continuing to eat these foods, suffering from mild fatigue, digestive discomfort, or skin issues and then getting hit with heart disease or diabetes down the road, my body’s very vocal reaction helps ensure that I stay on track and nourish myself with the best foods possible.

Well for the most part. Here’s where my dark and dirty secret comes in. Sometimes knowing the right foods to eat, the proper way to manage or alleviate stress, the best way to exercise, foods to avoid, when to go to bed, and how much time to spend away from your computer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll actually do any of those things. Knowing and doing can sometimes be super far away from one another and when you’re busy or stressed or sad it can be ever so easy to justify “just one more meal out” or “one more glass of wine” or “skipping my workout today.” And my body, glorious and amazing as she is, only let’s me get away with this shitty behaviour for a very limited amount of time before she starts sending signals that all is not right. Little things like breakouts, nail biting, a little extra cushion around my midsection, dark circles under my eyes, or an upset tummy. Things that in the past I would have just written off as normal, everyday feelings. However, now that I know better I see them for what they are: A sign that I am not actually doing my very best to love and nourish my body.

Friends, here is part 2 of my secret: That is exactly where I am right now. The stress of starting a new business, the joy of drinks and dinners with friends, my inherent night owliness, and my ability to justify missing “just one more practice” have started to lead me down a dark and dangerous road. However, because I’m now able to read the signs and signals my body sends me I have made the decision to spend the next month fully nourishing, loving, and supporting my body with the best foods, exercise, sleep habits, and stress management techniques that I possibly can. That means saying no to boozey evenings with friends, which had started becoming more common in the last couple of months than is typical for me. That means drinking bowls of bone broth every day; eating as much fresh, whole, delicious and nutritious food as possible; getting into bed at a reasonable hour each night (Sidebar: This is between 11 and 12 for me… I’m through trying to force myself to bed at 10 because it just makes me more stressed out and I lose a couple hours of productive evening time. Like right meow I’m writing this post and it’s 9:30 at night and that means when I’m done I still need to do my chillaxing prebed routine of tea and a show and a book); and committing to spending more time doing things that support my health rather than detract from it.

The quality of our lives and health is in no small part based upon the choices that we make every single day. For as long as I can remember every time I have left the house my mother has asked me to “make good choices.” I haven’t always done this and at the moment though I’m making a lot of wonderful choices that should not be discounted, I’m also choosing to do, eat, and be things that are not conducive to the health and the life that I want. That stops today! And because I tend to work best in with a big loving, wonderful group of committed, amazing, fallible, but determined people around me, I’m going to be launching my very first online program: Reset Yourself Nutrition Challenge! My clients have had amazing success following my programs and it’s about time I take my own advice and finally stop making excuses. No one else is going to get rid of my skin and digestive issues, my flagging energy, or my bloated belly but me. And no one is going to that for you either. You have to make the decision to make the choices that are going to build your body up, rather than tear her/him down. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but having a wonderful community around you to support you when you’re having trouble or celebrate with you when you’re doing awesome can make a huge difference! With that being said, are you ready to join me in creating the body, life, and mind of our dreams? Sign up here!

Here’s what you get!

Reset Yourself Nutrition Challenge

Over the next 28 days you’ll be given all the tools, tips, recipes, and tricks necessary to lay a foundation for lasting change and a body makeover you’ll rave about! I’m not promising you’ll all lose 10+lbs over the next 4 weeks, but I can promise that if you follow my guidelines you will be well on your way to a life free from gas, bloating, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings! We’ll not only be making over what we put into our bodies, but also how we relate to them, treat them, and think about them. By changing the relationship we have with ourselves and the foods that we put into our bodies we will be setting ourselves up for lasting health and happiness by choosing nourishment over poison with every bite.

I’ll be with you every step of the way offering up guidance, support, and encouragement as we all commit to creating our very best lives overflowing with energy, passion, excitement, and a beautiful, healthy, active body ready to take on whatever adventures come our way.

28-Day Dietary Guidelines
  • This guideline lists and explains:
    • Foods to Love
    • Foods to Limit
    • Foods to Avoid
Daily Emails from Yours Truly
  • These emails include:
    • Nutrition tips and kitchen tricks
    • Motivational quotes and relevant nutrition articles
    • Recipes and action plans
 Sample Meal Plan
  • Includes:
    •  Snack ideas
    • Recipes
    • Shopping lists
  • I’ve developed several handouts to help support you during this adventure and as complements to the above modules. They include:
    • Foods to Love, Limit, & Avoid
    • What to Expect While Detoxing
    • Food Allergy Guide
    • Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Real Fat
    • Non-dairy Sources of Calcium
    • Proper Digestive Processes
    • Basic supplements for nutritional support
    • Supplement brands and dosages
    • Sample Daily Schedule
Weekly Challenges
  • These small, but meaningful challenges have been specifically developed and included in order to:
    • Make the greatest changes with the least amount of work.
    • Help you dive inside to get to know yourself better
    • Every week there will be a new challenge sent out to the group.
    • At the end of the week we’ll check in to see how everyone did and what sorts of benefits we noticed.
Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • I’ve personally found that that a group community helps to keep me focused, motivated, and inspired! I’ve created this group so that you can:
    • Offer each other support and advice.
    • Ask each other questions.
    • Share your experiences, recipes, or struggles.
    • Pick my brain!


So what are you waiting for?! Click here and sign up today!