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Hello everyone! There’s something new brewing in the air around the Nourished headquarters. For those of you who have been reading for a while, there won’t be a huge change in format, but what I’m planning on doing is writing up a post every Monday that will be shared with my usual group of awesome readers and that will also be shared with the One Yoga community. I’ll then be in studio every Tuesday from 3-7pm so any of you wonderful Saskatoonians can pop by to ask me any of your nutrition questions. I’ll be amalgamating this column with my Dear Cait (get started here!) column, though it will be expanded to include a few other things. For those of you who are new to my blog and what I do, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

So as you may have guessed my name is Cait and many of you have likely seen me around the studio in the last few months learning the ways of the yogi. It’s been a sweet ride and I want to give back to the community that has given me so much and thus, with some help and guidance from the amazing Millissa Greenwood, this column has been born! As some of you know, I’m not only a yoga addict, but I am also a Holistic Nutritionist and I’m super psyched to be able to share my love and knowledge of nutrition and healthy living with the beautiful Saskatoon (and world!) community.

Holistic nutritionists focus on helping people achieve a balanced body and vibrant health by addressing their client as a whole person: body, mind, and spirit. So not only do we help you figure out the best foods to eat for your body and lifestyle, but we’ll also look at different factors that could be preventing you from being your best and brightest self. These include:

  • Your stress and activity levels.
  • The chemicals in your bath, beauty, and cleaning products that could be affecting your health.
  • Your digestive health, including: gas, bloating, chronic diarrhea or constipation, heartburn, or acid reflux.
  • Your emotional and spiritual health and whether or not you’re feeling stifled or fulfilled in your life.
  • And pretty much any other big or little thing you can think of!

My hope for this column is to create a space where everyone can come to get nutrition tips, recipes, and general information on wellness and healthy living. I’m going to post in this column once a week and I would absolutely love to interact with everyone as I do so. In order to facilitate a community effort, I would love to hear from you, so please send me all your nutrition questions and health questions and I will do my absolutely best to answer them here on the blog: caitliniles@live.com

Another option is for you Saskatoon peeps to come visit me at the One Yoga studio every Tuesday from 3pm until 7pm when I’ll be around to chat and answer your questions in person. There is no topic too big or too small. Nor is anything off-limits. One of the most important things we holistic types like to talk about is the state of your bowel movements. That’s right. There are not many things that can give me a quicker insight into the state of your health than the frequency, colour, and consistency of your poop. So don’t be shy! Ask me anything, because you know if you’re wondering about something, there are at least 5 more people who have the same question. I’m so excited to get started and develop a great community column. Here are some great articles to get started with:
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So take a look around and send me a message via the Contact page if you have any questions! I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂