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This series of restorative classes is the perfect complement to a vinyasa practice as it offers the chance for stillness, reflection, meditation, deep tissue stretching, improved mobility, and fascial release. Dive deep into your body and give it the chance to slow down and rebalance by entering into parasympathetic rest & digest mode through deep breathing and supportive movement.

This style is one of my favourites to teach and practice. Unlike faster-paced yoga styles, this practice is done entirely in a seated or reclined position. You will hold each posture for 3 to 5 minutes in order to allow the muscles to relax and to put therapeutic stress on the connective tissue of the body, allowing it to adapt while growing stronger and more flexible. If you’re someone who struggles with creating time for relaxation in your busy schedule then you might enjoy taking an hour a week to calm the mind, body, and soul with this restorative practice.

Each class will end with a short meditation or guided relaxation to help you leave the class feeling strong, relaxed, and ready for the rest of your day! Space is limited due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements. 


Dates: 4 Mondays in October  from the 4th to the 25th 

Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm ADT

Location: Unit 212 (the old Envy store) at Market Square, Uptown Saint John

Investment: $35/for 4 classes ($8.75/class)

Email caitliniles@live.com to pay via e-transfer (save the tax!) or sign up below via PayPal.

Caitlin completed her YTT with One Yoga’s Living Yoga School in addition to completing a Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Yoga for Youth teacher training that taught her the benefits of this practice for all ages and abilities. She is also a Holistic Nutritionist who believes that the healing power of food can be synergistically supported by a consistent yoga practice.

Her first real yoga class was a mat-to-mat packed hot practice for which she was definitely not prepared, but with which she fell in love instantly. From that point on she was hooked as this practice taught her the value of self-reflection, stillness, love, patience, and compassion towards herself and others. 

Her current favourite styles to teach and practice are sloth (restorative) yoga and vinyasa flow. She believes that the benefit of a consistent yin practice gives her students the tools necessary to turn off their fight or flight response, to practice self-soothing habits, and to connect with their bodies on a deeper level creating the foundation for a loving relationship with one’s self and one’s community. 

She loves to create space for healing at wellness retreats, yoga & cooking classes, and live talks in her community.