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Spicy Vinyasa Yoga Classes with Caitlin Iles

Spicy Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means to connect movement with breath and in this class you will learn to guide your movements with a deep ujayi breath to create stability, physical heat, and a clear mind. The spicy vinyasa series is designed for those who are searching for a more fiery yoga experience and will focus on creating a solid vinyasa flow practice. By keeping the class size small, you can get individualized support and guidance to help you deepen your yoga practice and become more comfortable in a spicy vinyasa flow-style setting.

This class provides clear guidance through specific cuing with an emphasis on deep breathing and postures to help build strength, stability, and flexibility. There is a focus on wellness through physical alignment, improved balance, increased flexibility, and mental relaxation. Each class will end with a short meditation or guided relaxation to help you leave the class feeling strong, relaxed, and ready for the rest of your day!