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Hello friend! If you’ve been around my site for the last couple of months you’ll know that I recently hosted a Warrior Women’s Wellness Weekend Retreat with my friend and colleague, Jenn Johannson at Ancient Spirals Retreat Centre just outside of Saskatoon. To say that the weekend was a success might be the understatement of the year. We had some of the most incredibly open, vulnerable, and supportive women come together to share, grow, laugh, cry, and love for an entire weekend out in the beautiful countryside. I feel inspired and so happy with all the amazing realizations and growth our beautiful ladies experienced. So much so that Jenn and I are planning round two for late November, so keep your eyes peeled 😉

I wanted to share a few photos from the weekend to give you a sneak peek of some of the fun we had together, but honestly, photos will never do justice to the incredible atmosphere these women helped create nor the energy and beauty of the environment. It was cozy, safe, healing, and conducive to relaxation and growth.

Several of our participants happened to be reiki practitioners as well so they were doing treatments all weekend in our spare time. I was lucky enough to receive a full hour-long session with our Master Reiki practitioner Kara, and it was absolutely incredible. I had been on my feet from 6:30 am to 10 pm that day and was feeling a little worn out. Her treatment caused so much physical and emotional release that I slept like a baby and felt rested the next morning, despite my shorter amount of sleep. Myself and the other attendees enjoyed these treatments so much and they were such a complement to the work we were doing that I’m hoping to make this level of healing a more official part of upcoming retreats

I did all of the food for the weekend, which in hindsight was a little much considering I also led 4 yoga classes and taught two nutrition workshops. I’ll be looking for a kitchen intern for the next session either December 4th or 11th weekend, so if you’re interested in attending for free and helping with general kitchen duties pop me a message 😉

As I mentioned above I led 4 different yoga classes this weekend that were all designed to help our attendees enter a state of physical relaxation, open their hearts, and calm their minds in preparation for either sleep or the days’ events. They were all so open and eager to connect their body, breath, and movement and so willing to relax and let go that it really struck me at my very core and I felt so humbled to be in their presence, guiding them through these postures.

The cooking class was a great success with everyone participating either by asking questions or throwing on an apron to come and learn some of the practical aspects of culinary nutrition and healthy cooking. The class ended up almost doubling in length because there was just so much to talk about and so much delicious food to eat. We ended up transitioning right into our chocolate making workshop, accompanied by a couple glasses of wine ;).

It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment. After class everyone wanted another yoga nidra so we headed back into the yoga room to prepare our bodies and brains for fully restorative sleep.

Now I have to share just how incredible the 3 classes that Jenn led were. They were designed to follow the three As as she called them: Awareness, Acceptance, & Action. We did a lot of incredible partner work, reflection, journaling, vision boarding, and played some great games designed to get us digging into our sticky spots to help us become aware of where we were stuck so that we could accept where we were starting from and thus create a sustainable plan of action. It was really special to see the places she took us over the span of two short days.

Another huge hit that we weren’t sure would really fly with our group were the vision boards. We didn’t build in any specific time for this exercise but had a corner set up with all the supplies in case anyone wanted to explore them in our down time. It was amazing just how much everyone loved creating their own individualized vision boards so we will definitely be making time during our next retreat specifically for exploration of this process.

Well those are some of my musings on our Warrior Women’s Wellness Weekend. I honestly cannot wait until the next one and sincerely hope you will join us if you’re within driving distance. Check out our photos below. Have a wonderfully whimsical weekend everyone!

Cait xo