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Hello friend! I hope you’ve been getting through the winter season with strength, coziness, and lots of delicious snacks. I was just down in Florida participating in and cooking for the most incredible business retreat I’ve ever attended.

Since moving back to New Brunswick I’ve really loved growing my business and setting up roots in my hometown, but things started to feel a little stagnant when it came to writing and being creative again. I’ve loved creating and hosting my cooking classes, running retreats, and working with my clients. But as with so many things in life it’s easy to get into a routine and stop pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

This retreat was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I met so many inspiring womxn who were running awesome businesses in fields as disparate as grief and loss coaching, bilingual VA services, spa & yoga studios, amazing products for post-surgical care, and a badass divorce lawyer teaching others how to have a work life balance.

I’ve never been surrounded by people who were so passionate about what they did and who had so many amazing ideas about how to be of service to others. I’ve come back completely in love with what I do again and so excited to create recipes, videos, and offerings to better serve you!

My very first offering is this video on how to make the most perfect BBQ Vegetable Skewers every time.

Pro Tip: Make sure you soak your skewers before threading the veggies on them to prevent them from burning and breaking apart.


The key to perfect veggie skewers? Make each skewer out of ONE vegetable only. Each veggie cooks at it’s own unique time and temperature and when you put multiple types on one skewer they all cook at difference rates.

This leaves you with a final product that is half burnt and overcooked and half raw and completely hard and fully unappetizing.

What I like to do is make each vegetable it’s own individual skewer. That way you can add them to the BBQ in the order of cooking time with harder veggies like onions or red peppers going on before something that just needs a little kiss of the flame.

Once they are all cooked, remove them from the skewer, add to a large bowl, and top with this amazing Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette. And voila! Your BBQs will be forever changed and you will totally impress any guests who come to visit!

That’s my helpful tip for today! I hope you enjoy it 😀

And remember, if you need any extra support to help you feel strong and healthy, make sure you download my FREE Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan & Shopping List right here! 

As always, thank you for your love and support!

Cait xo

Perfect BBQ Vegetable Skewer Recipe

Perfect BBQ Vegetable Skewer Recipe