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Creamy, vibrant, and super nourishing!

Hi friends! Below is the first paragraph of the guest post I wrote for my good friend Lauren’s blog Cravings Gone Clean. I’ve only included a sneak peak so if you want the goods you’ll have to head over to her site. You will not be disappointed!

I’m so excited Lauren asked me to write a guest post on her blog and hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Having been to Lauren’s for dinner and acted as an unofficial brownie taste tester I know that her recipes are unbelievably delicious. I thought that you may enjoy a deliciously creamy and shockingly healthy spiced drink to have with one of her baked goods so I’ve decided to share my recipe for an Immune Supporting Spiced Turmeric Latte. Now most lattes are made with coffee, which can have  highly stimulating and dehydrating effects on our bodies, and cow’s milk, which can cause inflammation or digestive issues in many people. Since I have personally never enjoyed coffee and milk does… unpleasant… things to me I decided to put a healthy spin on a classic. I actually created this drink during the throes of a horrible flu during which I lost my voice and basically just mixed together a bunch of things in my cupboard I thought had health benefits. The recipe has since been refined, my knowledge of why the ingredients are immune supportive has been filled out, and the end result will have even your coffee loving friends saying “mmmmmm.”

Read the rest at Lauren’s super professional and beautiful site

Have a whimsical day!